Ocular Cut Diamond

Why Ocular Cut Diamonds?

The Ocular™ Brand Diamond is the single greatest advancement since the conception of the Tolkowsky Cut Diamond. The Ocular™ Brand Diamond is a deviation from the American Standard Cut Diamond and adapts the basic principle structure of the Old World European Cut Diamonds with some very precise modifications.

If the Old World Master Diamond Cutters would have made a few modifications and honed the polish of the diamond's surface to that of the finest telescopic lens, the old world diamonds could have been made to glow at night.  Maybe that is exactly what they were striving to achieve.


Diamond Structure

The diamond is composed of 5 parts.

Table:  The flat top of the diamond and the single largest facet in a round or Ocular Brand diamond

Crown:  The upper section of the diamond between the table & the girdle

Girdle:  The area between the crown and pavilion which is generally thicker in European cut and OcularBrand diamonds vs. the Modern Round Ideal Cut diamond.  In the OcularBrand diamond, the girdle is honed to a mirror finish far greater than that of a telescopic lens.

Pavilion:  The bottom section of the diamond and the deepest part of the diamond in European cut  and Ocular Brand diamonds

Culet:  The small facet at the bottom center of the diamond.  In the OcularBrand diamond, the culet is called the Reflective Eye and is the single most distinctive way to quickly recognize an OcularBrand diamond at a glance.




Each Night Glow Diamond has a laser engraved Night Glow logo and serial number along the girdle of the diamond similar to the example below for added security and authenticity.



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