How Night Glow Jewelry Works


The first major breakthrough came when Bill Disinger discovered that a diamond could be cut  to magnify and maintain scintillation of light.  While acting on the same principal of a magnifying glass, the light is amplified down through the diamond.  With a photo luminescent reflective membrane placed at the point of light convergence.  The intense magnified light through the diamond excites the molecules on the reflective membrane, causing the light to reflect back into the diamond, creating the ambient glow.

Now, we are able to share this phenomenon of fluorescence that is patented and trademarked as the Ocular® Brand diamond.  Using three provisional patents of the Night Glow Diamond® process, the four diamond cuts have been tested to glow up to 8 hours at night, glowing in the colors of Caribbean Blue and Sea Foam Green.

There are no wires, no battery, no LED lights and no coating on the diamond.  The combination of uniquely designed mountings with specific material characteristics allows the diamond to glow when exposed to light.  In test studies, the diamond has been proven to glow the entire night, depending on how much light it is exposed to during daylight hours.  You treat your Night Glow® Diamond jewelry just like you do any other diamond jewelry that you have.

Proven To Glow All Night

Exposure to direct, natural sunlight allows for the strongest glow intensity and length of glow.  However, indoor lighting or more indirect light will still allow for a beautiful glow, but the intensity and length of glow are likely to be more subtle.

Complete Customization

Night Glow® Diamond jewelry can be customized to your desire such as type of mounting design, including rings, pendants & earrings.

Amazing Service & Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year unconditional warranty on all defects and the mounting (under normal conditions).  You may email us 24/7 using the form on our contact us page and we will respond back to you during the next business day.


Or, feel free to call us anytime during normal business hours (listed on the contact us page) and ask to speak with a Night Glow Specialist.


 US Provisional Patents:





 ...when you were young and you would take a magnifying glass outside, focus the magnification angle to a pin point on a piece of paper and watch it smoke?  What if you let it even catch fire...remember? 

Now you understand the principle behind the ocular™ diamond.  Except, instead of a magnifying glass, we have engineered a diamond into a perfect magnifier. 



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